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We aim to be a leading homegrown franchise brand offering entrepreneurs a fantastic ROI on their investment with an upscale concept that delivers delicious desserts by bringing flavours of today to the world.

Since our inception, we have focused on building a model that is scalable and adaptable. The novelty of our operating model allows people with minimal or no experience in the F&B business to thrive. Our model lets us seamlessly weave into any location allowing us to achieve attractive returns with lower investments.


Our professional and highly competent team ensures efficient operations and system control. As an on-the-go brand, we ensure dispensing with minimal turnaround time to maintain high sales and a low waiting time. We’ve put in all the hard work, so you don’t have to. 


As a young brand, the core belief is to understand dynamic tastes and preferences and adapt accordingly. We pride ourselves in creating innovative products and flavours to pre-empt customer needs. 


Our partnership and alliances with the best in the delivery business help us cater to a wider customer base and improve our foothold in one of the fastest growing segments in the F&B industry. 


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